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Top 18 Amazing Apps for Instagram

Top 18 Amazing Apps for Instagram

Instagram story is the best way for gaining more visitors and users in the business on Instagram. So you have to focus on the content for Instagram stories. For making high quality content you need to be professional. We have some tools for you, those provide you a professional environment for making creative and high quality content. 

1. Over

Do you want to put the inspirational and creative text on the text, then you should try the Over app. Over is the amazing application that allows you to put the overlay text on the videos or photos. It has plenty of fonts, features, tools, and templates. You can create high quality content with the help of this tool. This app is available on iOS and Android.

2. Storyluxe

Storyluxe Instagram


Are you looking for an app in which you can create more attractive content with the amazing templates, the Story Luxe should be the first option. This app has plenty and dynamic varieties of the Instagram story templates. Neon, polaroid and instant film, floral and many famous templates are in it. It is regularly updating the templates, for better results. In the basic version you will get limited features and templates, but in the premium version you will get unlimited templates, and plenty of features. It is available on iOS.

3. Unfold

Unfold Instagram

Unfold has lots of minimalist and clean templates. It provides the easy way to create the eye catching content for the Instagram story. The brands love to use this app, because it helps them to get instant Instagram story views. If you are not familiar with creating stories with photoshop, then you can use the Unfold app for creative stories. You can install this app on iOS and Android.

4. Storyboost



Do you want to make your Instagram story more professional and attractive? Use Storyboost app, it allows you to add extraordinary animations in the stories, with amazing transitions. Even you can create the video story in this application. You can easily create the slideshow of the images, also able to add the effects, transition and text in different fonts and sizes. You can download it on iOS platform.

5. Later



Instagram always appreciates regularity. If you post regularly on Instagram, you will start getting high engagement. Sometimes you forgot to upload the content, or you have to face technical issues. In this situation Later app will help you. It will help you to be consistent on Instagram, you can set the schedule of the post, and the Later app will publish your post on the exact time you will set it. It is a free app, but for more amazing features you can upgrade it.

6. Inshot

Img: https://imgur.com/e3UTpB5


If you love to upload the edited photos on Instagram, then you must be familiar with the Inshot. This app is the oldest photo and video editing tool for Instagram. It has plenty of features of editing. You can add the amazing effects, can set the background and add the text in different fonts. For using this must set the settings to canvas, it will automatically adjust the size of Instagram stories. Available on iOS and Android.

7. Mojo

Img: https://imgur.com/1qgXuCj


For making your Instagram story video more attractive, you need to add the animations. Mojo app lets you add amazing animation in the story. You will find everything in the Mojo that you need to edit the video. It has hundreds of animations templates. You can even customise the template. You can trim, add effects, crop the video, set the animations, and change the speed and colors of the videos. It is free app, and available in iOS

8. Canva

Img: https://imgur.com/07mYLEt


Canva is available for all platforms. This app allows you to edit the images in a flexible and efficient way. In this app you will get thousands of free templates, and you can customise the template according to your own wish. It has a large collection of the images, that you can use for your purpose without any copyright claim, and it has more than 130 text fonts. The best platform for the business purpose. 

9. Adobe Spark

Img: https://imgur.com/zgUuc3L


If you are a professional graphic designer, then you should know about Adobe Inc. This company has professional softwares for editing. The Adobe spark is the mobile version editing tool, which makes the graphic designing more better. For this tool you dont require any intensive graphic designing experience. In two to three tries you can learn how to edit the content on this sure. It is available for iOS and Android platforms.

10. Filmm

Img: https://imgur.com/iDOlgAK


The Filmm is the latest app which comes out after the collaboration of A beautiful mess and Zoella, both are the guans of Instagram. The Filmm app has hundreds of effects and filters. It also has builtin frames and templates for free with the help of you will be able to edit the photos and videos more effectively. If you love vintage tech, then you should get this in a Film app for free. It is just available on iOS platform.

11. Patternator

Img: https://imgur.com/Cwh2AWl


If you read the description of this app on the App Store, it is just a wallpaper maker. But this app is more than a wallpaper maker. With the help of this app you can make creative and funny instagram stories. You can use the emojis, stickers and logos to make your story more attractive. Gifs images help in making high quality content for the story, and help you in getting instant views. It is available for free on iOS.

12. Tezza App

Img: https://imgur.com/undefined


On Instagram the Tezza app has more than 800K followers, it is just because it is considered as the queen of Instagram aesthetics. It helps you to make creative content with less efforts. It has all features used for the photos and video editing. for learning about this app you can take a quick tour after installation. You will get to know how to use this application. It has more than 20 free templates, in the paid version you will get thousands of. Available for iOS and Android. 

13. Cutstory

Img: https://imgur.com/undefined


On Instagram stories you are not allowed to upload the video for more than 15 seconds. If you have a large and you want to upload the story, then it is possible with the help of a cut story app. This app will automatically cut your video in the sections of 15 seconds each, and upload to Instagram in the sequence. You can also edit the video, you can add the text, background and apply filters for free. Available for free on iOS, for more features you can buy the premium.

14. A Design Kit

Img: https://imgur.com/wdp4knv


A Design Kit is developed by the developers of A color story and A beautiful mess. It is the different and fun way of editing the images. It has a large stock of stickers, brushes, backgrounds and text fonts. With the help of brushes you can fill the colors or draw the textures on the images. It is the best app for creating unique and attractive Instagram stories. It will keep your followers engaged with you. Available for free on iOS platform. 

15. VSCO

Img: https://imgur.com/VE1X3tU


Are you looking for an app that allows you to add classy filters on your story, then you should with the VSCO app. It is a user friendly app, once you launch this app you will get to know automatically how to use this app. You can make different adjustments in it. Such as brightness, contrasts, temperature and many more adjustments. You will get the basic version for free, but for more extraordinary features you have to pay the charges for membership. Available on Android and iOS.

16. Life Lapse

Img: https://imgur.com/j8Hpb1d


If you want to create slow motion videos, Life Lapse should be your first choice. It helps you to create the slo mo of the videos in high quality. Once you will install this app you will get the quick tutorial guide, just go through that tutorial and you will learn how to make slow motions. At last. version you can also increase the speed of the video. Up to 10x faster of the normal video you can create. Available for both Android and iOS.

17. Magisto

Magisto Instagram

If you want to grab the attention of the audience by the attractive and eye-catching content, then download Magisto app. It has 100 million plus users, so you can imagine how powerful this tool is. It has the pack of powerful editing tools, you can easily produce high quality and unique content, in just 3 simple steps. It also helps you to make slideshow videos of the images for the video story. Available for both Android and iOS.

18. Clipomatic

Clipomatic Instagram


According to a survey 40% of the stories are watching in mute. So it is the great opportunity to grab the attention of the audience. You can add the text on the story to let the viewer know about the story. The clipomatic helps you add the text on the story. It has plenty of fonts and colors, so you can add the text in attractive designs. It will help you to make the video inclusive. It will seem like live captions on the video. Available only on iOS.


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