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Maximize the Impact of Your Business Greeting Cards With These Tips

Maximize the Impact of Your Business Greeting Cards With These Tips

Unlike other marketing content that often goes straight from your customer’s mailbox to their trash can, custom greeting cards are much more likely to end up in the hands of your customers and make a lasting impact on how they relate to your company. The goal of many business owners is to create a loyal customer base who will consistently choose their products and services over what competitors have to offer.

Business Greeting Cards

While producing great products that a customer wants to purchase is important for developing customer loyalty, it is only one step in the process. You also need to establish a positive reputation for your company and offer amazing customer service. Business greeting cards are one way you can grow your relationship with customers and secure their business for years to home. Putting time and consideration into these important marking tools is essential for ensuring you make the biggest impact possible. Use the tips below to best catch the attention of your customers and make your company stand out among all the rest.

1.Invest in High-Quality Cardstock

While using cheap materials might seem like an effective way to save money when sending out greeting cards to your customers, doing so can come off as unprofessional or make the recipient feel unvalued. Put consideration into the thickness of the stock and consider whether an uncoated or coated stock works best for your needs. You can also choose to use cards made out of recycled materials if your business is environmentally conscious.

2. Choose an Eye-Catching Design

It goes without saying that the design you choose for your card can make a huge difference in how it is received. The theme of your card should resonate with your target audience and convey who you are as a company.

3. Sign Each Greeting Card by Hand

Even if the rest of the greeting card is digitally printed, always take the time to personally sign each letter. Some businesses may benefit from having the whole office or a few prominent individuals from the company sign the card.

4. Include a Brief Personalized Note

Take time to write a personal note to each customer. It doesn’t need to be a very long message. In fact, a short but personal message is much more effective than a long-winded paragraph that sounds overly promotional or insincere.

5. Always Say Thank You 

Even if you’re just sending out a holiday or birthday card, make sure to extend your appreciation to the recipient. Resist the urge to simply “Thank you for your business.” Instead, be specific in what you’re thankful for to make the message seem less generic.

6. Handwrite the Address 

You can personalize your custom greeting cards all you want, but it will mean nothing if your customer never even gets past opening the envelope. Rather than using printed labels or having the address printed straight onto the envelope, consider writing out the full address onto the envelope with pen.

7. Use Proper Titles

Don’t make a bad impression on your customers with something as simple as incorrectly titling envelopes. Include the appropriate title before the name of the recipient instead of just writing out the customer’s first and last name. If you are not sure if a woman is married or not, use “Ms.” to be safe.

8. Update Your Mailing List 

Make sure your mailing list includes all the correct addresses and names. It is always easiest to update your list throughout the year instead of waiting until the holiday rolls around to get started. This is also a good time to take note of any customers who do not observe Christmas and choose an appropriate greeting for the individual.

9. Get the Timing Right

To avoid putting yourself in a rough spot and having to send out your letters late, aim to have all of your cards completed well before the holiday season begins. For Christmas holiday cards, it is best to send out your cards by the end of November so they will get to your customers by early December.

10. Send Cards Throughout the Year

While December is a great time to send out greeting cards, it doesn’t need to be the only time. Thanksgiving, New Years, and Independence Day are examples of other holidays where a greeting card may be appropriate. It also pays off to send cards to customers during important times in their life such as birthdays, the birth of a new baby, a recent marriage, or a time of loss. Send out a card to welcome a new customer and don’t neglect to send out important anniversary or thank you cards when the time comes.

Remind your customers why they started doing business with you in the first place with custom greeting cards that are sure to impress them. Visit Cards for Causes to find a greeting card the best fits your needs while making a difference for a cause that is important to you.

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